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A selection of fresh flower jars and bunches recently delivered to suburbs around Melbourne. Some have been delivered direct to door and others are being held by our Flower Delivery Specialist in the street just before they reach their destination.Melbourne Flower Delivery. Thoughtful flowers delivered daily to support mental health.We’re Little Ups! A family owned, family run team of florists, mental health advocates and passionate gift givers.

Home of the original Little Jar of Happiness®, we specialise in thoughtfully arranged jars and bunches of seasonal flowers delivered direct (by us, by hand) to your loved one’s door.

Studies show that simply being around flowers helps boost your mood and improve your wellbeing. That's why we first created the Little Jar of Happiness® almost 7 years ago, and why we're so proud to donate $2.50 from every single little jar and little bunch of flowers direct to Beyond Blue to support those affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.

The Flowers. Melbourne Flower Delivery.All of our jars and bunches are florist’s choice by design, which means we select the best and brightest of whatever Mother Nature has to offer on any given day. The flowers are fresh, they're locally sourced and they're lovingly prepared and arranged by the hands of qualified and experienced florists.

The Delivery Team. Melbourne Flower DeliveryWe don’t call our delivery team “couriers” or “drivers”, because delivering flowers is not quite the same as delivering a parcel. They’re our Flower Delivery Specialists; meaning they’re not only experienced logistics professionals, but trained flower care experts as well. Our Flower Delivery Specialists have experience delivering such precious cargo as bridal bouquets and wedding flowers, so you can be sure your order will be treated with the utmost care.

The Impact. Melbourne Flower DeliveryBeyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Service is funded entirely donations, with well over 200,000 calls expected this year alone. $48 makes sure every phone call, web chat and email to this support service is answered by mental health professionals, who provide practical support, advice and hope to people in need of an expert listening ear.

That equates to just 19.2 Little Jars of Happiness, and with the number of these sold in the last 7 years well into the thousands, we’re really proud to be helping Beyond Blue support those who really need it.