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Mini Festive Wreath 28cm


Mini Festive Wreath 28cm

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and that means festive wreaths! Made with fresh seasonal foliages and flowers arranged on a wire base, this mini wreath measures approx 28cm in diameter and is perfect for adorning your front door or dining table with a little Christmas spirit. Plus, it's designed to last with hardy fresh foliages, making it a brilliant value option for festive decoration.

We make our wreaths to order so we can't always guarantee same day delivery on this particular item, but we will try our very best!

All flowers are delivered by hand by us (not a third party courier). For delivery fees and suburbs, check out our Melbourne delivery zone.

How to care for your fresh Christmas wreath:

We've designed our wreaths with super hardy foliages and arranged them on a wire base so that even as they dry out, they keep their lovely lush shape. With Mother Nature and our hot Australian summers, we can never make any absolute guarantees (and of course it depends on where you display your wreath) but they're designed to last as long as possible and every year we test our Christmas designs before we add them to our store! To keep your wreath as fresh as possible for as long as possible, opt for a shaded position if displaying outside (if you can) and give them a little spray with water for a freshen up every few days.